Tuesday, March 3, 2015

[Review] "A Girl's Guide to Life" by Michelle Herman


A Girl's Guide to Life is a timeless book of warm and sensible advice for young girls, originally written by a mother for her own eight-year-old daughter. From compassion and empathy through self-expression and creativity, from thoughtfulness and helpfulness and good deeds through gratitude and heartfelt apology, from the incomparable joys of friendship to the importance of learning how and when to say no, this little book offers wise counsel that will be of use for many years to come.


3 out of 5 stars.


I got this ARC from NetGalley in exchange of an honest review.

“A Girl’s Guide to Life” is, as you could’ve guessed, a guide on how to live written by a mother to her 8 years-old daughter. While it starts by stating that no one but you will ever live your own life, it follows by giving general advice that while it’s quite obvious once you read it, you soon realize you may not be acting the right way. The author emphasizes the importance of empathy and accepting and expressing one-self, which is something we all cherish in others, but sometimes we fail in showing it. 

This is a short guide “to life.” While it’s directed towards a little girl, the advice it states are global and useful for little boys, and grown-up adults who already know all this stuff, but may need to be reminded of it. It’s highly recommended not only for people who struggle with little things in life, but also for mothers who want to raise confident and loving children, and Thought Catalog followers (we should point out this is a Thought Catalog Book after all). It is a quick, easy guide with cute drawings by Glen Holland, and it’s quite obvious that the author wrote every sentence with love while reminding herself of her own memories.

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